Monday, February 14, 2011

Confession - My Funny Valentine

I woke up this morning and thought, “Hey! To show Larry just how much I love him, I will clean the house and make a wonderful dinner.”

I ended up calling the housecleaner at noon.

But I do have to give him something. So here it is – my list of all the reasons I love my husband of almost 7 years….

I love him for…

…choosing a theater geek for a wife. It could not have been an easy decision.

…loving every bit of me – even the extra large bits that came with having Lincoln.

…being patient with my temper. Even though he causes it about 33% of the time. Which leads me to…

…honorably accepting blame for just about everything.

…letting me take credit for just about everything too.

…always saying my food tastes good even when I overcook the chicken as usual because I have a pathological fear of salmonella poisoning.

…buying me a new car this year. (It hasn’t actually happened yet. But I know he’s planning it. I have faith. He’s gonna do it. I know it. He better.)

…giving each of my children a fighting chance at reaching an average height.

…putting up with my bouts of ennui. They usually come after I’ve read a Twilight book and remember how boring real life is without vampire drama.

…having a great sense of humor – even if it is sarcastic and I’m constantly guessing whether or not he’s being sincere. (Hmmm….Maybe I should reexamine the above statement about my food.)



…even this. (Which he totally caused.)

…this, most of all, this Valentine's Day. 


jon said...

I love your blog, it always makes me laugh!!!

Michelle said...

Thank you for reading Jon!! And thanks for the nice comment!

Kenneth Zubiate said...

I got to co-sign a lot of that. Loving a Zubiate can take some willpower.