Thursday, February 10, 2011

Obsession - Best Valentine's Day Card Ever!

I have loved this idea for a whole year.

Last year, for Maya's preschool class, I made these cute butterfly valentines because she was totally into butterflies and I wanted to be crafty. Crafty and I don't mix. The butterflies came out so-so and I ended up with scissor claw for the rest of the week.

Probably the day after V-day, I discovered Design Mom. (That obsession will be covered in a separate post some time soon.) She posted a link to this wonderful Valentine's project, I bookmarked it and have obsessed about it for almost 350 days now.

It's easy. It's adorable. It'll save you from phalangical deformity.

Here's the cute card in a horrible photo.

You take a photo of your kid with their arm stretched out. I used Photoshop to make it into a card. You print it. You use an Exacto knife or sharp scissor points to make two slits at the top and bottom of the hand. You stick a lollipop in the bitch. You do the lazy-mom version of the happy dance which is basically wiggling your bootie slightly in your chair.

Nothing in my life has been this simple. Thank you Alissa!

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