Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Confession Numero Uno

The first thing you should know about me is that if I can’t do something well, I’d prefer not to do it at all. This goes for many things in my life including crafting, gardening and housework – the holy trinity of a proper housewife and the trifecta of duties I routinely ignore.

So, with the start of this blog, I am jumping one of many mental hurdles.

I could’ve followed my usual instincts as I did this afternoon. I sat down to begin writing but was distracted by some other amazing blog entry. I read. I laughed. I marveled at the wit and the candor.

I then decided to take a nap.  One minute I’m coming face to face with my own mediocrity. The next minute I’m snoring.

Now I know you must be wondering, “How does a stay at home mom of two little ones take a nap?” Again, I figured I wasn’t doing the parenting thing particularly well today so I decided to skip it. Lincoln’s taking his nap. Maya’s set up on the computer playing Playhouse Disney games. (Feel free to notify Child Protective Services.)

After a blissful 40 minutes of dreaming about McDonald’s French Fries, I woke up to the sounds of Charlie and Lola.


Another reminder of three things I’m not good at – being young, being skinny and being British.

I know I can’t help two out of three of those things but that doesn’t make me feel better so I curl up under the covers until the sounds of my youngest waking sends fresh shivers down my spine.

So what have we learned from all this? A. I’m lazy and B….well, all my other flaws are just variations on the lazy theme, so let’s just abandon the list full stop. (That’s what the British would say.)

Better yet, let’s break the cycle and put a positive spin on it like all us obnoxious moms do on our children. I’m not lazy. I’m a PERFECTIONIST.

This column embodies perfection and so will this blog.

Join me and bring fries!

Ps. I did eventually get out of bed and feed my children. I know you were worried. 

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Arlene said...

Congratulations on taking the leap, I like it!
Can't wait for more......