Monday, July 11, 2011

Culture - Tina Fey is My Long Lost Sister

I have always believed this to be so.

And now I have read her book.

Ladies and gentleman, I offer up these indisputable facts...

1. We both have flat feet. 

2. We both spent much of our college years in love with gay guys.

3. We both love theater (hence No. 2).

4. We both remained virgins into our 20s. (I know. Not a shock given No. 2 AND 3.) 

5. We both love writing funny things. (Though only one of us is being paid a butt-load of cash for it. One guess. It is not the one who's husband still tells her her next car will be one that flies. Because that's how long it will be before we can afford to buy a new one.)

5. We both have been chubby. (And one of us still is.)

6. We both love those evil cheddar biscuits from The Red Lobster. As she says, "If you don't you are a Socialist and a liar."

7. We both have daughters. And we would love for them to be into Barbies and horses until they are 21 so that they may join us in our No. 4 club.

I now feel complete because I have always wanted a Greek sister. Especially one who has a pad in Manhattan where I can crash occasionally. Tina, can you hear me?

I think, if she weren't my sister, she may have made the list of women I would change teams for. (She's right up there with Catherine Zeta Jones and Shirley Manson from Garbage. A select, though random, group.)

And, if I didn't have to return her book to my friend Arlene, I might just sleep with it under my pillow every night so that I would lay my pretty little head down knowing that I wasn't alone in my journey as a mother and a geek. 

Now I'm feeling a little bad for both Tina and myself that I didn't actually buy the book. Nevermind. I'm sure she's got a decent set of wheels.

Now I shall turn my attentions to my other comedic sister, Kathy Griffin and see if I have a bit o' the Irish in me blood as well. 

And this now concludes the sum total of my summer reading list. Unless you count reading Gossie, Clifford's Christmas and Ten Little Ladybugs about 100 times a day. 

What books should I add to my nightstand?


Pink...HIS! said...

Loved, loved, loved this book! It was a definite good read but...ur blog is WAY better!

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