Thursday, April 21, 2011

Confession - A Little Love Story

Girl meets Boy. Girl automatically forgets Boy’s name. She ignores him, flirts with every other boy in the newsroom of the UCLA Daily Bruin and confuses him with the only other Jewish editor.

Girl and Boy’s Editor-in-Chief asks that any office romance be disclosed to her immediately. Girl looks around and thinks, “No chance of that happening.”

Girl goes to Boy’s 21st birthday party. Girl finally learns Boy’s name. They bond over many shots of tequila. Then Boy makes a sarcastic jab at Girl. Her pride is wounded but she’s intrigued by his sense of humor. What good is pride anyway? He makes her laugh.

Girl begins to hang out with Boy. She continues to flirt with every other guy in the office but, at the end of the day, find herself sitting at – actually on top of – Boy’s desk. She learns that Boy is actually shy and she becomes determined to bring him out of his shell.

Girl stalks Boy on a daily basis.

Eventually, Boy becomes used to Girl’s ever-present perch on his desk. And their friendship grows. He rolls his eyes at her girly silliness. She rolls her eyes at his snide remarks. And they smile a lot.

Boy is about to graduate. Girl is not. Boy gets into Columbia Journalism School for grad school. And, for the first time, Girl realizes that their relationship means a great deal to her.

Emboldened by these strange new feelings, she opens up her heart to him. Via email.

He does not reply for two whole days. She starts to think he’s actually a bastardo.

Finally he suggests they talk about it at $1 Monday Margarita night at Acapulco’s. Again, tequila brings them closer together.

They decide to start dating and, when she drops him off at his apartment, they share their first kiss.

Exactly four years later to the day, Boy and Girl are married aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach.

Seven years after that – this coming Sunday in fact –  they will celebrate their life, their two gorgeous kids and the miracle that is Cuervo Gold. 

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