Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cooking - Passover Roundup

Religion is a precarious thing around our house.

I was born and raised Catholic. Went to Catholic school from kindergarten through high school. I never was confirmed, however. First off, my very liberal views clashed with the patriarchal stance of the Catholic church. Second, I was too lazy to take the classes. 

But I have always held the spiritual and cultural values of Catholicism close to my heart. Therefore, I had the kids baptized when they were babies. That, and I wanted them to wear the cute white outfits and eat cake. 

Larry is obviously Jewish. (For some reason, this fact makes me giggle every time I say it.) He went to Hebrew school and Jewish camp in the summers of his youth. I love hearing stories about the kibbutz and the Jewish folk songs sung 'round the Jewish campfire. (Still giggling. I'm terrible.) 

And Maya goes to Lutheran preschool. We just had to throw that one in there for good measure. 

So far it all works for us. We celebrate all the major Catholic and Jewish holidays. And we don't attend services for either religion. I think we're the perfect postmodern family.  

Larry supports my religion by letting me teach Maya and Linc about my faith in whatever fashion I'd like. I support his by making tasty food when the occasion calls for it. 

I draw the line at gefilte fish however. As should everyone, I believe.

This Passover, I've volunteered my culinary efforts for the Pesach seder at my mother-in-law's house. And today I have the pleasure of sharing with you "Michelle's Famous Potato Latkes." They are famous only in my house so far but, hopefully, they will win over the Jews next week.

Michelle's Famous Potato Latkes


2 cups peeled and shredded potato, rinsed well to remove some starch and prevent browning
1 tablespoon of grated onion 
2 chopped green onions. 
1 egg, beaten
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup matzo meal 
1/2 cup canola or peanut oil


1.  Mix the first six ingredients together. 
2. Spoon small mounds of potato mixture into frying pan with hot oil. Press down with spatula to get a flat, even latke.
3. Fry on one side until golden brown. Flip and fry the other side.
4. Drain on paper towels. Serve immediately. 

Here are some tasty desserts I plan on making as well...

Flourless Chocolate Cake with Espresso Whip Cream  from Bon Appetit and blog Erin Cooks

Mixed Berry Pavlovas from Smitten Kitchen

And Chocolate Caramel Crack(ers) from Smitten Kitchen

I'm so excited to get my Pesach on! Let good food unite this religiously-confused household!



January said...

Ooooooh potato FAVOURITE. I'm not Jewish but my son has a stuffed dog from Isreal named Froggy Shalom Doggy. Now, I gotta make me some latkes!!!

January said...'ve been awarded a Versatile Blogger Award ... by me! ;) Happy Friday!