Monday, April 4, 2011

Obsession - Photography

It's Monday night and I'm watching Bethenny Ever After after actually going to the gym. 

I spend a lot of my free time on the computer. Not that any of my time is actually "free." I should be doing laundry because I'm pretty sure I have no clean jeans to wear tomorrow. That's ok. I'll just wear gym clothes and pretend that I'm dedicated to fitness. 

But anyways, I'm on the computer and going through my recent photographs. I'm obsessed with photography. But there are two problems. I don't have enough money to hire a photographer to just follow my kids around 24 hours a day. The second problem is that I have no real talent of my own. But I'm working on that. 

So I forced my family to buy me a nice DSLR and I'm learning how to use it. It's a work in progress. Here are some recent shots from the park last week...

Hello! I'm obsessed with trains and I won't stay still for a second. So 90% of your photos of me will be a complete blur, Mama. Love you!

Mom is trying to be artistic but I am blinded by the sun. And I have to pee.

The sun was too bright and I still have no idea how to work with that. Sigh. I'm trying. Here are some more from a disastrous photo session on a beach in Laguna that included quite a few tears. Mostly mine. 

But some cute moments came across. Not perfect but cute. That should be my slogan. Actually written on my gravestone. 

The albino shot. But I'm adorable. Oh, that's not a mole. It's an injury because I cannot go a day without falling or running into a sharp corner.

I'm about to say something sarcastic. It's on the tip of my tongue.

And finally, here are some of those in-between shots that show the monsters' true colors. 

They are all straight out of the camera but I find myself looking at these photos the most. The goofy faces, the silly interactions... These are the perfect shots in my mind. Not properly focused or exposed but real. 

Thanks for taking a look! Happy Monday!


January said...

Adorable kids and great photos regardless of your "talent". ;)

January said...

Adorable kids and great photos regardless of your "talent". ;)