Thursday, August 11, 2011

Confession - I Got Bangs

No, it's totally earth-shattering. Trust me. 

Lea Michele got bangs. And then she turned all anorexic and slutty and vegan while still retaining her talent and popularity.

I decided it was the way to go.

Here's how I look....

Please excuse the bad lighting. And please ignore the unmade bed in the background. 

(I've decided people usually fall into two categories -- those who make their bed and those who don't. I won't say which is better. I think that's totally obvious. One clearly lives a more productive life.)

So yeah, I got bangs. I sat down to get a trim and said, " about bangs?" The hairdresser said OK unenthusiastically which I probably should've taken as a sign.

First she cut them as long side bangs. I said shorter. Then she cut them a little more. I said shorter. Then she cut them so short I had flashbacks to preschool when I first held those powerful little blades in my own hands and determined my own fashion fate right before a formal portrait with my brother in our matching sailor outfits. That large portrait still hangs in my mom's bedroom. So awesome. 

The eighties are back, no?

Please, no one tell me your opinion. (Read: Totally let me know what you think.)

I don't want you thinking I'm fishing for compliments. (Read: I'm totally fishing for compliments. And I'm totally obsessed with the word "totally" lately. It's gotta stop. It's, like, gotta stop.) 

And I'm thinking my new bangs go with my new car (woo-hoo) and my new French attitude. What makes an attitude French, you ask? Confidence, good taste and a love of cheese. 

It's all happening!

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January Dawn said...

I love them. They, like, totally make you look super young.