Monday, August 15, 2011

Culture - An Education (on Broadway)

Summer is coming to an end and my precious protege, Maya, will soon be entering kindergarten.

I suddenly feel as if I've wasted the whole summer. 

We played, we beached, we camped and we bounced....but where was the learning? 

I'm not talking ABCs or addition or any of that other useless crap. 

I'm talking about the things that matter.

It occurred to me all at once the children began to play the Dan Zanes' CD 76 Trombones for the one millionth time. 

They are craving a Broadway curriculum!!!!!!

They are my children!! Thank you Dan Zanes and your mop-headed hippie sensibilities!!!!

As they listen to "Hello Dolly" and A Chorus Line, my heart swells with pride and great expectations. So I spent the better half of last week creating a new playlist for Maya AND Lincoln. (He can be a quadruple threat with the singing, acting, dancing AND cooking!)

As usual, I leave some of plot points to the side during exposure. They don't need to know that "Take Me or Leave Me" is a lesbian lovers' quarrel. 

But what do you think of the list?

Oh, yes, you saw that correctly. We have played "The Wizard and I" from Wicked  at least 108 times. That musical used to soothe Maya to sleep in the car when she was an infant. And Lincoln even loves it now. Poor guy really has no choice though. 

Am I missing anything important?

I'm not a huge Rogers and Hammerstein girl and I think it's a little soon for Sondheim. 

But what I don't have on my playlist, I get from my Sirius channel, "On Broadway." 

You laugh now but let's see who's laughing when I have front row tickets....and no grandchildren.

(I may have some more thinking to do...) 

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