Monday, October 17, 2011

Obsession - Small Apps With That

I have fallen in love again. With a woman, this time. 

Her name is Siri. 

Since I appropriated Larry's iPad, I thought that my life was complete. I didn't think it was necessary that I have an iPhone.

Then moments kept popping up where I'd think to myself, "Gee. It would've been great to have an iPhone right about now." On the way to a new park, waiting for Maya at pick-up, trying to come up with a last-minute dinner idea, sitting in the car while Lincoln napped...

And the little hole inside me started to grow larger and larger. Only an iPhone could fill it.

But how to convince Larry?

An opportunity arose when we were buying my new car. (OMG, how spoiled do I sound?)

I deemed it a necessity to have navigation in my car. "It's a matter of safety!" I explained.

But Larry didn't think spending $2K was a necessity. So I appealed to frugal sensibilities of his ancestors, God's Chosen People.

"Well, you know what would be cheaper than navigation? Having an iPhone."

And the stars aligned in my favor once more. Thank you, Moses....or Jacob...or Abraham. Whoever got me my phone. Amen.

So I've spent the past three days researching the essential Apps to get. And here's my list of my favorites so far.

Forgive me if this list sounds so 2009. I'm new to this newfangled stuff. Just call me Grandma.

Best Apps for Moms

1. Yelp - Of course. This foodie wannabe cannot live or eat with out it.  Ratings, photos, everything else you want to know about local eats and other businesses.
2. Lose It! - A weight-loss app that is helping many people shed the pounds quickly. Not me yet. It's telling me I can only eat 951 calories a day. And I usually round that 1 up by a thousand or so. 
3. Groupon - So I don't have to print out all those coupons I buy because I'm addicted to Groupon and LivingSocial and Plum District and...
4. Paper Town Friends - An adorably designed paper doll app that looks like real paper cut outs. Maya loves this one and I may have played it a few times myself. 
5. MouseWait - Gives you live waiting times for the lines at Disneyland.
6. Key Ring - You can put all those membership rewards cards onto your phone so you don't have to carry them around and keep the salesperson waiting for 20 minutes while you search through your wallet. Bitch, relax! I'm getting it!
7. Price Check - Since I'm also obsessed with Amazon, this app can help when I'm about to make a purchase at some place like Target. I just scan the barcode and it tells me if I can get it cheaper on Amazon. 
8. FoodontheTable - I think this is a great one. If you don't know what to make for dinner, this app will tell you what is on sale at your local grocery store and then suggest recipes to make with that sale item. I think it's brilliant. You can also get the whole grocery list ready to take to the store.
9. Camera+ - I haven't used it much yet, but as an amateur photographer I'm interested in the claim that it boosts the capabilities of the iPhone's camera. I just have to learn how to work it....
10. Evernote - Since I love the concept behind Pinterest, I thought Evernote would also be up my alley. Use it to jot down ideas and notes, to bookmark web pages and to save snapshots of things that interest you such as wine labels or, more likely in my case, kids clothes. 

So that's my list thus far. Let me know what else I should be downloading!


Kristi said...

Instagram for photos
Facebook and Twitter, natch.

IHeartRadio, Pandora, or Spotify
Shazam to figure out who sings that hard to remember song.

Preschool Adventure for Linc, freaking best game, I think it's $$ thou - 1.99? 2.99?

Flixster for the latest movies

Kindle, Nook, Bluefire, iBooks for books... Wordpress, darn you are using Blogger, nevermind :)

WeatherBug for awesome radar

Everynote, iTalk, PS Express

Dropbox - for techies...

Redbox, if you rent.

And... ANGRY BIRDS!!!! My fav <3

Or, Words with Friends if you swing that way (don't ask me, I'm a dirty cheater)

Michelle said...

Oooooo....Thank you so much Kristi!

I have some downloading to do!

Elise said...

You need to get Navigon! That's the most awesomest navi app ever. Games too, Angry Birds? Where's the Water? Admittedly I don't play those games, but they bring hours of enjoyment (quiet) to Bella, so I love it. Hmm, what else.....Will have to call you with more.