Thursday, March 17, 2011

Obsession - Rocking the 'stache!

I'm not sure when or where the mustache fad began but I was diggin' it the minute I laid eyes on those furry sticks of fun. I admired it around the halls of Etsy and added it to my Favorites right alongside the stuffed owls. God, I love those owls.  

How, I wondered, could I indulge in this new bizarre ritual of holding up some hair to your face and having someone else photograph it for prosperity?

Then I remembered Cinco de Maya. 

Maya and her tiny little preschool pals could don the Don Juan Mariachi bigotes! It would be perfect. Add some maracas, a guitar and an accordion... It's just the right touch of whimsy and ethnic mocking. Winning! 

I'm telling you, this event was the perfect storm of gluttony and cheese. And I loved every moment. 

Here's a crafty guide to making your own mustaches for the small fries. It's simple and  a fun way to brighten up a rainy day. 

First, gather your supplies. Scissors, check. Mustache template, check. (I used some from this blogger.) Wooden sticks, check. And sticky-backed felt, check-a-roo. 

You cut out your mustaches and trace them onto the backs of the felt. 

You cut them out, peel off the backing, stick on the stick. 

You sandwich the stick with another mustache. You are done.

This post borders on condescending. But, really, I am the only one stupid enough to need this explained to me... multiple times. You just sit back and enjoy the silly photos.

 (I don't think I need parental permission to post these because all the children are clearly in disguise.) 

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