Monday, June 6, 2011

Confession - Mental Notes

It's gonna be a busy week this week. Maya's graduating from preschool AND has her first dance recital. Sniff sniff...I may lose it a couple times. But you understand, right? I'm still cool. 

My mind has been racing with all the things I have to remember and the "To Do" list keeps growing and growing. 

So why did I surf the Internet for two hours today during Lincoln's nap?

Oh, because I'm crazy. That's why. A friend told me about the diagnosis of "procrastination paralysis." I'm going with it. That's what I got. It's chemical. It's out of my control.

But I did make lots of mental notes today for the future. Such as...

* Do some laundry. Lincoln's been wearing Christmas pajamas for two nights now. Tomorrow, he'll be wearing jeans and a rain jacket to bed.

* Buy more baby wipes. These thin, wet pieces of cloth are the only things that stand between you and a complete mental breakdown on the hour, every hour.

* Don't throw away old breast pads. Apparently they make useful beds for Maya's toy bugs at their buggy daycare. 

* Watch the Breaking Dawn trailer one more time. Or seven. That headboard scene will get you through anything. It's transcendental.  

* Take a shower. Please. Just please.

* Form complete sentences. Maya is never going to get into UCLA when all you say around the house is "No, no. No touch, Lincoln. No, no. No snack snack. No, no. No hit Mama. No, no. No shows." 

* Make more mommy friends. The lady down the street has a girl Maya's age. This could be very helpful.

* Stick with the friends you've got. That lady also has three cats. Something must be wrong with her.

* Be less judgmental. Or, rather, be less judgmental out loud.

* Don't cringe when Maya sings song about "The Lord." She's actually got a shot at heaven. 

* Don't be such a snob. Ice cubes in your white wine is better than no wine at all.

* Don't drink wine before writing your blog post because eventually it'll devolve into rambling drivel. 

* End blog post on a positive note. For once. 


I've got nothing. Good night. 

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