Thursday, June 30, 2011

Confession -- On A Mental Vacay

I know waiting sucks.....

I actually hate it when people use the term "vacay." It makes me want to punch them in the neck. 

You see? After that violent outburst, it's pretty obvious I need a mental break. 

But, as soon as a therapist returns my phone calls, I will get back to laughing and writing.

It may take a little time, considering I have an HMO. 

But never fear; if I don't hear back by tomorrow, I'm scoring some weed and calling my friends at midnight to vent. All three of you. Possibly on conference call. Or three-way, as we used to call it in high school. 

It's cheaper and more fun that way. 

Happy Fourth of July!!!


January Dawn said...

If the word 'vacay' makes you want to punch someone in the neck hence requiring a mental one than so do I do I.

Michelle said...

January - Good to know I'm not alone in my lunacy. :)