Thursday, June 23, 2011

Obsession - Green and Crunchy Lunch Gear

Though my week still sucks a chicken's butt, surprisingly a chicken has been my life preserver. If you have not read it yet, you muuuuust read The Bloggess' post from this week. Without it, I may not have gotten out of bed and my children would now be considering Dora their real mother. That bitch is always trying to usurp my life anyway. 

Each day, after I've read that post a few dozen times, I would turn my obsessive attentions to the latest pressing topic -- Maya's lunch box. 

Maya's going to a nature camp in a few weeks and they ask that you send your child's lunch in reusable containers. I consider myself an eco-minded individual, but I have to admit that convenience (read: complete laziness) always wins when packing our food to-go. We're talking Costco quantities of Ziploc bags. They are probably choking a baby seal as we speak. I'm a horrible human being.

But I'm striving to be better. Much better. But also better in an oh-so-stylish sort of way.

When Design Mom posted about these lunchboxes, it was love at first sight.

And, of course, the insanely expensive cost of those bitches only sealed the deal. I had to have them. If they cost a lot, they MUST be good. And the good people at Planet Box have convinced me on their website that the cost is totally justifiable because of the quality of the materials and the promise that it will last even after we are buried alive in everyone else's garbage. 

But I knew Larry would consider  divorce or at least a good stabbing if I purchased them so I just put the lunchbox in and out of my shopping cart every day. Some times I would even enter my shipping address. But I never pulled the trigger and bought them.

Today, a brilliant plan came to mind.

My mom came over and she knew I was having a hard week. The stars aligned. She wanted me to feel better and I wanted a new pony. But I don't even have a backyard so a pony wasn't practical. 

I know! You can buy Maya this new lunchbox!

Everyone now wins. Me, Maya, Larry, my Mom, the planet Earth, the U.S. economy... I really think I should get some sort of altruistic, environmental medal for this one. 

So it has been ordered. So it shall bring joy. In 3-5 business days. 

BTW, Planet Box has not paid me or even sent me a free lunchbox for this post. But I totally think they should at least send me an extra set of magnets. I'm just sayin'. 

PS. Larry is now saying that I'm not allowed to send it with Maya to kindergarten because she will lose it. I wonder if Planet Box sells insurance on these bitches.


Mrs. Lampshade said...

Apparently we have the same shopping criteria. Now I must have one. Thanks for the suggestion! Or no thanks...I'm not sure which. :)

Michelle said...

It's just as magical in person. You're welcome...I guess. ;)