Thursday, June 9, 2011

Obsession - Little Girl Swimsuits

Today was Maya's preschool graduation! 

Yes! I'm still crying!

But I am taking comfort in the fact that summer is finally here. And I live in Southern California! 

Still crying though!

Anyways, as I was saying, I love summer break even though it is not relaxing at all. Every year, I jam-pack summer with trips to the beach, the zoo, the museums, camping, parks, cook-outs... It is non-stop until school starts in September. I love every minute of it. 

My obsession with summer always begins with finding the perfect bathing suit for Maya. Or, shall I say, the perfect seven bathing suits for Maya. I think I have six right now so there is room for one more. 

I know it sounds crazy for a child to have seven bathing suits but hear me out for a second.

She always gets a bathing suit for her birthday. No matter who its from, I always love it because it reminds me that summer is coming and that she has grown out of last year's bathing suit. So now I have a new one in case it gets warm early and I can hit the beach in April. But I didn't pick I need another one.

Then there's the bathing suit she always gets from my mom in her Easter basket. That one stays at my parent's house so she has it ready for their pool. So that one really doesn't count.

Then there's the bathing suit I bought last year on sale. That one doesn't really count either because it isn't new to me. I saw it last year. 

Then there's the bathing suit I see online and become obsessed with even though it costs an insane amount of money. This year it is a Janie and Jack one that sold out almost immediately. And now it's on Ebay for $119.

Ain't it purty? I loved it and dreamt about it for a week before I came to my senses. Luckily I found a more reasonable substitute at Crewcuts

That is, if you find $50 reasonable for a child's bathing suit...which Larry does not. But this one was 20% off and free shipping when I purchased it. And he said, "Well then, that's practically free!" And I chose to ignore the sarcasm and pretend that he was as excited about it as I was. It worked out nicely.

And then I saw this bathing suit at Boden...

And I was in love once more. So I ordered it and it came from England. Good old England. They make such pretty things. Like him...

So pretty.....

Oh yes, bathing suits. So the Boden one came and I love it but I realized that it will probably fade considerably over the course of the summer. Of course, I do have the Crewcuts one and the other Crewcuts one that I got last year....

But wait, what is this I see while wandering lost through Sears? Lands End? Well, the baby Jesus obviously meant for me to get lost and find myself amongst cute, well-made swimsuits that are 50% OFF! 

So I must get this one!

And all is right with the world. Here is the final count. Two bathing suits for the pool. One two-piece bathing suit which I know many moms are vehemently opposed to putting on their child. If I only needed one or two suits, I may not choose a two-piece myself but they are extremely practical for going to the beach and for going to the restroom at the beach.

And then there are other three that will make my heart sing every time she wears them. And isn't that all that matters in life people? 


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